About Sungiven



Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holding Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sungiven Foods”), positioning itself as “Provider of Healthy Meals”, is a grocery chain with private brand products, self-constructed channels such as retail stores and self-customized supply chains, covering business mainly of retailing, wholesaling, importation, exportation, E-commerce, especially of its own chain of retail stores as the core.

Sungiven Foods is dedicated to providing foodstuff, which is natural, less processed and less artificially added at its best for families who love cooking, focus on safe food and health. Sungiven Foods runs at international standards and global marketing.

Our Vision: To be a world-class food enterprise.

Our Mission: We source globally to provide healthy daily meals of high quality and great value. We serve our community with professionalism, integrity and sincerity. We seek to create environments that are spiritually and physically nourishing. Together, we make a better world.

Our Concept: Customers focused, entrepreneurs prioritized, continually persist with the commitments. Respect for nature and love for mankind.



Sungiven Foods originated from Xiamen Sungiven Import & Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sungiven Import & Export”), which was set up on Nov. 22nd, 2001. Since its establishment, Sungiven Import & Export has been cooperating with many good-quality food manufactures in China and abroad, and exporting thousands of private brand products to Americas, EU, Australia, Japan and so on. Sungiven Foods owns private brands namely “Sungiven, Onetang, Yuho, Ontrue”, products of which shall pass strict international certifications or professional safety inspections before entering global markets, many of which are sold meanwhile at supermarkets abroad.

On July 3rd, 2011, Xiamen Sungiven Foods Co., Ltd was established for running retail stores and promoting healthy meals, in the hope of sharing with Chinese consumers foodstuff which is qualified to export to EU, Americas, Japan and so on. Since the very beginning, Sungiven Foods has tied its fate to food safety together, positioning its food to be “natural, less processed and less artificially added at its best”.


On July 19th, 2013, Xiamen Sungiven E-commerce Co., Ltd was established to offer service for more consumers via e-commerce. On August 26th, 2013, Sungiven Foods and Liaoning Cereals & Oils Imp & Exp Co. Ltd started a joint venture “Dalian Sungiven Foods Co., Ltd” in Dalian, aiming to extend Sungiven Foods Store of healthy daily meals to northern cities.

On Dec. 24th, 2015, Xiamen Sungiven Foods Co., Ltd was restructed to Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holding Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Sungiven Foods”), during which, Xiamen Sungiven Foods Co., Ltd invested fully to set up Xiamen Sungiven Enterprise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiamen Enterprise”) on August 3rd, 2015, and made a full acquisition of Hong Kong Sungiven International Food Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Hong Kong Sungiven”) on August 14th, 2015. Hence, the newly established Sungiven Enterprise and Hong Kong Sungiven take over original business of importation and exportation and new business of food processing.

On May 19th, 2016, Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holding Ltd was listed on NEEQ (Sungiven Foods, stock code: 837428), and the grand Bell Ceremony was held in Beijing on June 28th, 2016. According to NEEQ’s public data and classification of retail industry, Sungiven Foods is the first listed company of retail industry in Fujian.

By Oct 25, 2018, Sungiven Foods has opened up 60 retail stores, including 44 in Xiamen, 15 in Dalian and 1 in Quanzhou, and more new stores are coming soon…



Xiamen Sungiven Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Recognized as Trustworthy Enterprise with Excellent Credit by Xiamen Government from 2003 to 2013.

Recognized as Trustworthy Enterprise with Excellent Credit by Fujian Government from 2011 to 2013.

Xiamen Sungiven Foods Holding Ltd.

Selected to be one of the First Batch of Demonstration Stores Running with Integrity in Xiamen.

Rated Level A in Tax-Paying Credit from 2014 to 2016.

Rated as Leading Tax-Payer in Siming District, Xiamen in 2015 and 2016.

Appointed to be Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in Standing Committee of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Siming District, Xiamen.

Appointed to be Director of Business Joint Chain Management Association in Xiamen.

Appointed to be Demonstration on Traceability of Food Quality in Fujian Province.

Appointed to be Model Party Branch in Yundang Street.